Want to Increase Sales?

Are you tired of working hard and still not hitting your sales goals? Would you like an easy,step-by-step system, for effortlessly closing sales and drastically increasing your sales results?

Learn how to generate more leads, set more appointments and close sales after sale easily and effortlessly!

Meet Jason Delumpa

Jason Delumpa is a business owner, professional network marketer and sales trainer for Eric Lofholm International. Trained by master sales trainer Eric Lofholm, Jason has helped people in network marketing as well as various industries grow their businesses.

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3 Ways To Generate Leads

New leads are the lifeblood of any business. Without a steady flow of new leads coming in on a consistent basis your business is basically…dead. In fact… Did you know that close to 50% to 80% of startups fail within their first 5 years? (source: Forbes Magazine) And it is reported that there are 3 …

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SalesTip #16: Consistency Is The Key

Here’s a $100,000 or more idea… “Consistency is the key!” Level 10 Mindset Here’s a question to ask yourself everyday…“What Level Am I Playing At?” From a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest…what level have you been playing at in taking action in your business?  Prospecting?  Following up? What level have you been …

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