Want to Increase Sales?

Are you tired of working hard and still not hitting your sales goals? Would you like an easy,step-by-step system, for effortlessly closing sales and drastically increasing your sales results?

Learn how to generate more leads, set more appointments and close sales after sale easily and effortlessly!

Meet Jason Delumpa

Jason Delumpa is a business owner, professional network marketer and sales trainer for Eric Lofholm International. Trained by master sales trainer Eric Lofholm, Jason has helped people in network marketing as well as various industries grow their businesses.

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No Sense Of Urgency

  Have you ever wanted to increase your closing ratio?  Would you like to close more sales? Through my sales experience and from what I’ve learned, where there’s no urgency…there’s little to no action. One of the main challenges to closing a sale  is NO SENSE OF URGENCY. People will buy today if you give …

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Believe In Yourself

  One of the all-time greats and legends in the world of boxing says… “To be a champ, you have to believe in yourself even when no one else does.” -Sugar Ray Robinson The truth is to be a champ in life, you’re going to have some opposition whether you like it or not. But …

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Be The Change

    “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  Mahatma Gandhi said this. So whether you want to do professional selling, public speaking, motivating, inspiring, empowering others, etc. Be that person who changes the world.  Because you’re the only person who can do that. And by changing yourself, you’re not only going …

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SalesTip #22: Why People Buy

Have you ever known the real reason ‘why people buy’? Here’s a sales tip to ‘why do people buy’ and what to do to sell your product and service. Write this down… PEOPLE BUY BENEFITS. For example… When you’re with a potential client or prospect and you want them to buy your product or service …

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